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National Mission on Himalayan Studies

Implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC)
Nodal and Serving hub with G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development

Project Title:

Rejuvenation of Springs and Spring-fed Streams in Mid-Himalayan Basins using Spring Sanctuary



1. Project Details
Sanction Date: 31-03-2016
Project Category LG
Year 2015-2016
Project Duration 3 Years
BTA : Water Resources Management
Project Site/ State/ Districts/ Villages Covered: Kosi Basin (Kumaun Region); Ir Gad Watershed-Headwaters of Paschimi Nayar basin (Garhwal Region); Sainj River Watershed of Himachal Pradesh; Senkhi Watershed of Arunachal Pradesh (NE Region)
Organization/ Implementation Agency: Garhwal Unit, G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalyan Environment and Sustainable Development (GBPNIHESD)
Project Partners: S.No. Name Roles & Responsibilities
State Government Forest Department For implementation through participatory approach at selective small hydrological response unit (HRU).
IIT Guwahati For modeling
National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee Stable isotope analysis
Lead Proponent: Er. Soukhin Tarafdar
Garhwal Unit, GBPIHED, Srinagar-Garhwal
Project Brief Description:

Water being a fundamental constituent of environment and vital for the living beings, sensitivity of water recourses has long-term consequences for mountain ecosystem properties and human societies. However, due to changing hydrological cycle and increasing and competing demands for water are becoming more acute in terms of availability and quality. Another issue is no integration occurred on the interface between sustainable land use, watershed hydrology and reduced vulnerability to climate change. This project therefore focuses on this interface of water demand & availability, major land uses (forest land, agriculture/waste land and urbanisation) for water sustainability in the fragile Himalayan watersheds. The main focus of the project includes -baseline data generation, geo-hydrological investigation, LULC change study, recharge area identification, assessment of water requirements within the sub-watersheds and HRU level using the HYDRA and the SWAT hydrologic models, model development for ground water augmentation, land use model demonstration, generation of decision support system. Finally, main outcomes of the project are: DSS for Efficient Water Allocation Strategies for competing land uses, Land Use Policy guidelines with efficient water allocation, Tool for complementary water budgeting at watershed level, Performance indicators for monitoring & evaluation of land use plan.

Beneficiaries/ Stakeholders: Vulnerable mountain people of the region, downstream people who are vulnerable to water shortage, policy makers, planners, administrators involved in watershed management and scientists.
Activity Chart (For 3years) Click Here

2. Financial Details
Total Grants (in Rs.) Rs. 3,76,16,000/- ( Rupees- Three crore seventy six lakh sixteen thousand only)
1st Installment (in Rs.) : Rs. 1,93,89,600/- ( Rupees- One crore ninety three lakh eighty nine thousand six hundred only)
2nd Installment (in Rs.) : Rs. 94,74,600/- ( Rupees- Ninety four lakh seventy four thousand six hundred only)
Expenditure (Upto 30.03.18) : 1.59 Cr

3. Project Objectives, Deliverables and Monitoring Indicators
Project Objectives Quantifiable Deliverables Monitoring Indicators
To quantify hydrological processes and establish functional relationship of land use changes and hydrological responses in social and climate change scenario. Inventory and mapping of village-wise springs/seeps and spring fed streams using handheld GPS and high resolution satellite data of all three watersheds Monitoring in comparison to the baseline information to be provided by proponent
Model development for ground water augmentation through participatory approach in Kumaon, Garhwal and Himachal region. Functional Land use plan for sub-watersheds No. of HRU/ spring sanctuary treated/ demonstrated (No.)
Development and demonstration of functional land use model using optimised hydrological response (water allocations) at sub-watershed level. DSS for Efficient Water allocation strategies for competing land uses No. of beneficiaries (Nos.)
Disseminations of an adaptive land use policy and integrated decision support system for water resource management at watershed level. Document on the best management practices Digital maps for different sites (map data) showing the interventions (Nos)
To recommend policies and practices of land use (forest and non-forest land), land transformation (one land use category to other) and related water use Land Use Policy guidelines with efficient water allocation Alternative land use models studied (Nos)
Tool for complementary water budgeting at watershed level No. of documents prepared and published (Nos.)
Performance indicators for monitoring & evaluation of land use plan No. of databases/models developed
No of performance indicators developed after testing.






S.No. Name Qualification Designation Salary
1. Dr. A Thangavelu PhD (Enviornmental Science) Research Associate 38,000/- +HRA
2. Mr. Brij Mohan Bhora B.Tech. (Civil Engg.) JPF 16,000/- +HRA
3. Mr. Darshan Kumar Bhatt (Resigned) B.Tech. (Civil Engg.) JPF 16,000/- +HRA
4. Mr. Pawan Kumar Thakur M.Sc. RS &GIS Junior Project Fellow 16,000/- +HRA
5. Mr. Abhineet Kumar M.Tech (Civil Engg.)) Junior Project Fellow 16,000/- +HRA
6. Mr. Pramod Kandpal B.Sc. (ZBC) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
7. Mr. Vikram Negi Graduation (BA) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
8. Mr. Mohit Ch. Mungali Graduation (BA) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
9. Mr. Pankaj Thakur Graduation (BBA) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
10. Mr. Kemba Bagra BE (Civil Engg.) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
11. Mr. Dheeraj Singh Rawat Graduation (B.Com.) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
12. Mr. Sanjay Singh Kathait M.Sc. (Geology) Field Assistant 10,000/- +HRA
S.No. Name of Equipment Use of Equipment Cost (in INR)
1. Rain Gauging (22) 5,88,000/-
2. Flow probe (04)   7,50,000/-
3. Soil moisture and temperature sensor (08)   9,63,950/-
4. Automatic weathering Station & ET station (04)   24,04,967/-
5. Spectrophotometer Prove 100   3,20,250/-
6. Handheld GPS   1,20,525/-
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