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National Mission on Himalayan Studies

Implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC)
Nodal and Serving hub with G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, under the Chair of Secretary (MoEF&CC), has following Terms of Reference:

To provide overall guidance and direction to the Project Management Team, including approval and review of Project Operational Plan and Annual Work Plans;
To periodically review progress in project implementation, including taking appropriate decisions on the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG); and
To review and approve the assessment/findings and outcomes of the NMHS

The Committee shall meet at least once in six months and would be free to co-opt any additional expert member(s) as per the requirement to provide guidance on specific issues.

  Composition &Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Steering Committee (SC).

Meetings of the Steering Committee (SC)

S.No. Meeting Meeting Conducted On
1. 1st Steering Committee Meeting 25/02/2016
2. 2nd Steering Committee Meeting 29/03/2016
3. 3rd Steering Committee Meeting 03/03/2017
4. 4th Steering Committee Meeting 20/12/2017
5. 5th Steering Committee Meeting 19/02/2018
6. 6th Steering Committee Meeting 22/03/2018

More Information

More Information

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