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National Mission on Himalayan Studies

Implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC)
Nodal and Serving hub with G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development

Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG)

This group, under the Chair of Additional Secretary concerned in MoEF&CC, will be the major body of representatives from diverse sectors (i.e., Government organizations, State governments of IHR; Himalayan Universities, R&D Autonomous organizations; NGOs, Regional Inter-governmental Organizations, Thematic Divisions of MoEF&CC) to guide implementation of the Scheme and monitor the progress periodically.

More Information

More Information

The STAG shall have following Terms of Reference (ToR):
Provide scientific and technical guidance for assessing project proposals, invited studies as well as suo-moto developed studies;
Recommend site-specific targeted pilot projects;
Appraise and recommend case studies ensuring multi-disciplinarily and cross-sectoral integration;
Advise study teams on assessment frameworks and methodologies for conducting the studies;
Review progress of the studies on a periodic basis and recommend necessary mid-course corrective and/or preventive measures;
Provide scientific and technical expert advice and recommendations to the Project Steering Committee; and
Advise the Project Management Team on stakeholder engagement and capacity development areas.

The STAG shall meet as frequently as the members may decide. The committee would be free to co-opt any additional expert members as per requirement to provide guidance on specific issues.

  Composition &Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG).

Meetings of Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG)

S.No. Meeting Meeting Conducted On
1. 1st STAG Meeting 17/12/2015
2. 2nd STAG Meeting 17/02/2016
3. 3rd STAG Meeting 15/03/2016
4. 4th STAG Meeting 29/09/2016
5. 5th STAG Meeting 15/12/2017
6. 6th STAG Meeting 17/01/2018
7. 7th STAG Meeting 13/02/2018
8. 8th STAG Meeting 16/03/2018