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National Mission on Himalayan Studies

Implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC)
Nodal and Serving hub with G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development

Project Title

Conservation strategies for Taxus wallichiana and Ulmus wallichiana by DNA markers and geospatial



1. Project Details
Sanction Date: 31-03-2016
Project Category SG
Batch Year 2015-2016
Project Duration 3 Years
BTA : Biodiversity Conservation and Management
Project Site/ State/ Districts/ Villages Covered: Study area is the entire Himalayan region, predominantly within the elevation range of 800-3700m.
Organization/ Implementation Agency: Centre for Plant Sciences, Central University of Punjab, City Campus, Mansa Road, Bathinda, Punjab-151001
Project Partners: S.No. Name Role & Responsibilities
No implementing partners NA
Lead Proponent: Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj
Centre for Plant Sciences, Central University of Punjab Mansa Road, Bathinda, Punjab
Project Brief Description: Taxus wallichiana and Ulmus wallichiana are the threatened species of trees found in the Himalayas. But, data on their distribution and genetic diversity remain unexplored which becomes a priority of research under increasing threats to the species. In the present study, focus remains on spatial mapping at the Micro-level (genetic) and macro-level (spatial) of T. wallichiana and U. wallichiana. Also, change detection studies will be ascertained to understand the changes in vegetation pattern and temperature variations in the last 40 years. The project fits well with the broad thematic group of the National Mission on Himalayan Studies(NMHS), which include – “Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity”. Genetic database of the two species will be developed along with the distribution maps in the Indian Himalayan Region. The data will be useful to forest department, academic and research institutes and pharmaceutical agencies at the end of the project.
Beneficiaries/ Stakeholders: • Village communities in the target area and other parts of state.

• Research communities in the scientific institutions for data and knowledge products.

• Government line agencies for waste management like Jal Sansthan and municipal bodies.

Activity Chart(for 3 years) Click Here

2. Financial Details
Total Grants (in Rs.) Rs. 34,94,600/- ( Rupees- Thirty four lakh ninety four thousand six hundred only)
1st Installment (in Rs.) : Rs. 17,60,000/- ( Rupees- Seventeen lakh sixty thousand only)
Expenditure (in Rs.) Upto 23.12.2016: Click Here

3. Project Objectives, Deliverables and Monitoring Indicators

Project Objectives Quantifiable Deliverables Monitoring Indicators
Sample collection and nucleic acid isolation, Germplasm collection and maintenance of DNA bank. Monitoring in comparison to the baseline information to be provided by proponent
Micro-level and macro-level spatial mapping of T. wallichiana and U. wallichiana, Characterization of 100 highly polymorphic SSR markers. Germplasm collection and maintenance of DNA bank for selected species (Nos./species).
Change detection studies to ascertain the changes in vegetation pattern and temperature variations in the last 40 years, GIS database of the plant population structure. GIS Database of population distribution and abundance patterns of the species (Nos.).
Transcriptome sequencing for T. wallichiana and U. wallichiana, Characterization of highly polymorphic SSR markers (Nos.).
Assembly and annotation Assessment-based guidelines/ strategies and knowledge products on predictions for long-term conservation of the species (species Nos.).
Prediction of micro-satellites, primer-designing and characterization on the populations.






S.No. Name Qualification Designation Salary
1. Amandeep Singh M.Sc., M.Phil. JRF 16,000/month
S.No. Name of Equipment Use of Equipment Cost (in INR)
1. Centrifuge Use in nucleic acid isolation 4,00,000/-

High-end facility

Use in computing the GIS and NGS data 3,00,000/-

Satellite data

For mapping the plant species 2,00,000/-
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