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National Mission on Himalayan Studies

Implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC)
Nodal and Serving hub with G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Development

Him-NLC Title:

Him-Nature Learning Centre (NLC)-Manipur

1. Him-NLC Details
Sanction Date: 22-12-2017
Project Category MG
Year 2017-2018
Project Duration 3 Years
NLC Site/ State/ Districts/ Villages Covered: Imphal, Manipur
Organization/ Implementation Agency: Manipur Zoological Garden, Iroisemba, Imphal Forest Department, Govt of Manipur
Him-NLC Partners: S.No. Name Roles & Responsibilities


Lead Proponent:

Shri Anurag Bajpayee, CCF

Manipur Zoological Garden, Imphal, Manipur 795001

Him-NLC Brief Description:

To be filled

Beneficiaries/ Stakeholders: Local Communities
Activity Chart (For 3years) Click Here

2. Financial Details
Total Grants (in Rs.) Rs. 2,75,70,000/- (Rupees two crore seventy five lakh seventy thousand only)
1st Installment (in Rs.) : Rs.1,84,70,000/- (Rupees one crore eighty four lakh seventy thousand only)
Expenditure (in Rs.)Upto :

3. Him-NLC Objectives, Deliverables and Monitoring Indicators
Him-NLC Objectives Quantifiable Deliverables Monitoring Indicators

• To have a robust portfolio of conservation programmes that reflect the State priorities


• To build a strong alignment between the visitor experience and Life Sciences areas of the Zoo.


• To offer every visitor a meaningful and fun learning experience using the interpretative approaches.


• To enable staff and volunteers to actively facilitate the delivery of engaging experiences for visitors.


• To standardize the record keeping system of the Zoo through ZIMS.


• To have an extensive and transparent compliance and risk management framework.










• Benefit to the young visitors, school children, planners, administrators, scientist, voluntary organisations and policy makers.


• Serve as Education and Recreation centre vis-s-vis Conservation of Wildlife and Nature. Zoo Museum and Interpretation centre is a creative and innovative zoo-based education campaign.


• Enhancing and enriching the visitors by providing information through signages, exhibits, 2D and 3 D models, interpretation centre, museum, etc.


• Serve as a store house for data related to wildlife and also produce reports according to the requirement.










• No. of Nature Learning and Awareness Curricula Developed;


• No. of Crucial Nature Learning and Awareness Topics covered;


• No. of Trainings organized with no. of stakeholders benefited in each segment;


• No. of Dissemination and Awareness Publications (short/detailed) circulated;


• No. of Field/ Green Technologies Demonstrations/ Exposure Visits organized;


• No. of Publication of Assessment and Findings Reports;


• No. of Beneficiaries;


• No. of Collaborations/ Connect with the Protected Areas/ Sanctuaries/ Conservation Areas established;


• No. of Policy Guidelines and Legislative Mechanisms: Prepared and/ or Communicated.






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